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Tree Preservation Orders

A tree is protected if it is covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), or if it is located within a Conservation Area. TPOs are made by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) under the guidance of the Planning Tree Officer.

In the majority of cases, TPOs are made in relation to development where it has been clearly demonstrated that trees of public amenity significance are under threat of damage or removal. Private amenity screening is not usually a consideration for a TPO, since the preservation orders are designed to provide the Council with an element of control only, and may not necessarily stop the loss of some trees. In addition, protection cannot prevent reasonable pruning works from being carried out.

If you are concerned that publicly important or special trees are under threat of removal, you should contact the Council's Customer Services Unit in the first instance, providing as much detail as possible. The Tree Officer will then investigate and respond to your enquiry.

Viewing protected trees in Mole Valley

You can download a list of the Mole Valley Tree Preservation Orders, by area, at the bottom of this page. Selecting the link beside the address will display the full details of the TPO, including relevant documents. Alternatively, you can enter a postcode in the Mole Valley and Me link to view the location of TPOs on a map.

Carrying out work on a protected tree

Consolidated and streamlined Government legislation introduced in 2012 contained provisions regarding exceptions relating to the removal of dead and dangerous trees and parts. Now everyone, apart from statutory undertakers, is required to inform the Council if they plan to remove protected trees or parts that are dead or dangerous.

 The provisions also mean that the Council can no longer vary or revoke any consent, so both the applicant and Council must make sure that any decision is right first time.

If you wish to carry out works on a tree protected by a TPO, you can make an electronic application via the Planning Portal website. Alternatively, you can download an Application for tree works form from the Planning Application Forms page, and send it to MVDC's Pippbrook offices, or by emailing it as an attachment to planning@molevalley.gov.uk  No fee is payable when applying for work on trees.

Please note: The TPO database may be unavailable between 2am and 8am due to system maintenance.

It is a criminal offence to cut down, prune or wilfully damage or destroy a tree covered by a TPO unless the council has permitted the work. Therefore, before commencing work on any tree, it is strongly recommended that you check the status with the planning department by emailing details, including the site location and a description of the work you wish to carry out, to planning@molevalley.gov.uk

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