Vibrant, Enterprising & Productive Mole Valley

On 27th March at Mole Valley District Council's Executive meeting, a new Economic Prosperity Strategy for Mole Valley from 2018 - 2028 will be considered.

Prosperity is one of Mole Valley District Council's three corporate priorities. Having a long-term Economic Vision and Strategy is vital for Mole Valley District Council to focus its efforts on projects that will make an ongoing difference. The projects to begin in April 2018 to March 2019 will deliver benefits in their own right and establish the essential elements for delivering the overall Strategy, those that are vital for the success of later projects and ongoing prosperity in Mole Valley.

A large number of further projects are planned to take place in future years. Those projects will be reviewed regularly and started according to their importance and viability as time and circumstances move on.

The long-term version for Mole Valley is, "By 2028, Mole Valley will be widely recognised as a prime business location which attracts the most creative and innovative talent. An environment that is vibrant, optimistic, enterprising and productive; enabling businesses to thrive and achieve their aspirations together whilst offering a great quality of life and beautiful countryside."

An extensive, interactive development process and consultation took place with a wide range of businesses and stakeholders to inform and build the Strategy. Six equally important and mutually supportive strategic priorities for Mole Valley have been identified as:

Strategic Economic and Prosperity Priorities

  • Retain and grow existing businesses
  • Encourage small and medium sized enterprises and a more entrepreneurial and enterprising business culture
  • Improve the skills and education of the current and future workforce
  • Improve the re- and inward-investment opportunities for business
  • Improve the rural and visitor economy
  • Improve the business infrastructure within Mole Valley

Councillor Simon Edge, Executive Member for Economic Development and Transform Leatherhead said, "One of our corporate priorities is prosperity throughout Mole Valley. We look to nurture a vibrant local economy with thriving towns and villages and this new strategy presents our plans for the next ten years.

"I was delighted with the response to the consultation which helped us finalise the shape and content of the Strategy, so thank you to everyone that participated. The strong overall, support for the vision, priorities and projects was very encouraging for the future economic health of Mole Valley.

"This Strategy is not about short-term 'who shouts the loudest' tinkering. This Strategy very clearly sets out a long term approach. As well as providing important input to the forthcoming Local Plan (Future Mole Valley); the Economic Prosperity Strategy sets out how we will focus on a pro-business outlook across Mole Valley to encourage the economy to develop, to better engage with local businesses and, in so doing, benefit businesses and the wider community."


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Mole Valley's three strategic priorities are Prosperity, Environment and Community Wellbeing.

First Year's Twelve Projects - 2018-19:

1 Business Contact Programme

2 Business Reference Group

3 GDPR Business Database and directory

4 Economic Monitoring Report

5 Business Support Programme

6 Town Markets Revitalisation Strategy

7 Local schools engagement

8 Business Enquiries Service incorporating the commercial agents forum

9 Annual Rural Community Summit

10 Safeguarding employment land

11 North Downs Line study

12 Rent a Room campaign

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