Closure of Police Reception Desk at Pippbrook

Councillor Vivienne Michael, Leader of Mole Valley District Council, said: "We are extremely concerned about the closure of the police reception desk on 31 March.

"It will become much harder for our most vulnerable residents to engage with their local policing team. There were 4,000 visits to the desk last year, a not insignificant number. We have been told that 30% of visits are for 'other' reasons - and are in the dark as to what this means. We need a greater understanding as to who will suffer as a result of the closure, and what issues they have. This should have taken place before the decision to close was made.

"We have been told that to contact Surrey Police face to face, residents will now have to travel to Epsom or Reigate police stations or, to speak to them, use the yellow phone outside Pippbrook. This is unacceptable, and brings up potential accessibility issues for our most vulnerable residents.

"The closure has been poorly communicated to  us. There was no initial engagement with our senior managers and we weren't given the opportunity to raise our concerns at the outset, before the decision was made.

"We also feel that the communications methods being used to share the news with Mole Valley residents are not extensive enough. A more detailed, robust plan should be in place to ensure that all our communities are aware of the closure.

"I have written to the Police and Crime Commissioner to express our concerns, and to try and understand their rationale behind the decision. Senior officers have also met with the Neighbourhood Inspector with the same aim. We must work together to ensure that the impact on residents is as minimal as possible, and that they know how to access the local police support they are used to."

Last Updated: 12/02/2018

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