Travellers in Leatherhead - Update 4pm on 18.12.17

Over the last two weeks there have been two separate instances of Traveller incursions on privately owned land in Leatherhead. In these situations, it is the responsibility of the landowner to take the appropriate action to respond to the incursion.

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) does not have a formal role in responding to such incursions, although it will offer advice if requested. This has been the case with both of the recent incursions in Leatherhead.

During both of the recent incursions, MVDC has liaised with Councillors, community representatives and other stakeholders, to ensure that they are as informed as possible on progress, though responsibility for action does lie with the landowner.

A significant amount of waste was dumped at the first Traveller incursion, and MVDC is investigating this with a number of partner organisations.   

There is no evidence to suggest that the two incursions are connected.
Last Updated: 18/12/2017

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