Consultation about Changes to Taxi Licensing

We would like your views about a number of proposed changes to current taxi and private hire licensing policy, in a consultation running from Monday 23 October to Monday 4 December.

Residents and businesses can take part in the consultation at

The proposed changes include the adoption of a new taxi and private hire convictions policy and mandatory Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) awareness training for all drivers to protect children.

The changes are being proposed by all districts and boroughs in Surrey to help provide a consistent approach to the training and assessment of drivers. This means someone who fails to get a licence in one part of Surrey, cannot apply to another as all councils will apply the same approach.

The changes also include the introduction of mandatory safeguarding training for taxi drivers who want to get or keep a licence. This will help drivers be more aware of and help spot signs of CSE and inform them of the best ways to report concerns for children or vulnerable adults at risk.

The initiative will be supported by an awareness campaign to reinforce safety messages to all taxi users.

Both Mole Valley District Council's current policy statement on convictions and the proposed convictions policy are available in the Downloads section below.

Last Updated: 23/10/2017

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