Annual Canvass 2019

Every year Mole Valley District Council undertakes a Canvass of all households to ensure that the information on the electoral register is up to date. This is a legal requirement for residents to confirm details relating to their property. This year's canvass will take place from July to November 2019 in readiness for publication of the revised register of electors of 1 December 2019.

Look out for your Household Enquiry Form

A Household Enquiry Form (HEF) will be sent to every property in the district with the details of residents currently registered to vote at the property. Anyone in the household can respond to the household enquiry form, but all properties must reply as soon as possible, even if there are no changes to be made.

This form is not a registration form but residents do need to complete it, even if there are no changes to be made. If you confirm that there are no changes, the details we currently hold will be included in the revised electoral register published on 1 December 2019.

The household enquiry form is used to let the electoral services office know who resides at a property and should be registered to vote. Householders are required by law to provide the required information or a fine can be imposed (£1,000)

The HEF allows residents to inform the electoral services office about:

  • electors who live at a property and should be registered to vote
  • electors who are no longer a resident at the property
  • new residents at the address
  • people who will become 18 the following year
  • any corrections or changes needed to residents details

Not being included on the register means you will not be able to vote in future elections, and may also affect your credit rating.

The aim of the form is to ensure that the electoral register is up to date and to identify any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so. A separate invitation to register (ITR) form will then be sent to any new residents who are eligible and need to register. Following completion of the HEF, anyone that needs to register can also go online at: This will enable the elector to register individually.

It is particularly important that anyone who has moved address recently looks out for the form and checks whether they are registered.

The form will be addressed to the occupier but anyone in the household can respond to the HEF.

If you have any questions contact the Democratic and Electoral Services on 01306 879198 or email:

How to complete the HEF

If there are no changes and the details are correct, you can confirm this to us by using one of the following options:

  • visit
  • Call 0800 197 9871
  • Text NOCHANGE followed by both parts of your security code to 80212 (standard charges apply)
  • Return the completed form in the freepost envelope provided

If there are changes to be made i.e. details need to be amended, someone needs to be added or removed; you can make these changed by using one of the following options:

Please check the names of the people printed on the household enquiry form who are currently registered to vote at this address. If no-one is currently registered, the form will be blank.

You will need your two unique security codes provided on the letter to use the automated services. Do not return the form if you have confirmed using one of the automated options.

Individual registration form

If you tell us there are new people eligible to be registered, we will send each person an Invitation to Register form. This form invites that person to apply to register to vote. Individual registration forms ask you to give your date of birth and National Insurance number. Alternatively, you can register online by visiting

Why you should register

If you are not registered you will not be able to vote at the time of an election. The Register of Electors is also used to confirm an individual's address, especially if they are applying for credit such as a mortgage, personal loan or even a mobile phone.

Who can be included on the register?

You need to be included on the register if you are:

  • aged 18 and over
  • a British, Irish, European or qualifying Commonwealth citizen (see list of eligible nationalities)
  • a 16 or 17 year old
  • residing in Mole Valley

For more information

Please visit

or contact us at:

Democratic and Electoral Services, Mole Valley District Council, Pippbrook, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1SJ

Telephone: 01306 879198


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