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Mole Valley has 41 councillors, representing 21 wards in the district. The current political balance at MVDC is 20 Conservative, 14 Liberal Democrat and 7 Independents. The administration is formed by a coalition of Conservative and Independent Councillors.

The Council usually meets up to six times a year and is chaired by the Chairman of the Council. These meetings are open to members of the public and are webcast online, unless stated otherwise.

Full Council is responsible for a number of key functions, which include:

  • Agreeing Mole Valley District Council's policy framework and budget
  • Approving plans and strategies
  • Electing the Leader and members of the Cabinet
  • Electing the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council
  • Making amendments to Mole Valley District Council's constitution

The Chairman of the Council for 2018/2019 is Councillor Raj Haque and the Vice-Chairman is Councillor Mary Huggins.

Last Updated: 30/08/2018

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